Dark Towers Beard Tongue | Ryeland Gardens
  • pollinator friendly

Dark Towers Beard Tongue

Penstemon digitalis 'Dark Towers'


24 - 30 in.


12 - 18 in.

Flower Color:

Pastel Pink

Foliage Color:

Purplish Black

Foliage Type:

Semi Evergreen Perennial

Bloom Time:

Early Summer Repeat Blooming



Moisture Level:

Moist, Well Drained


4 - 9

The Gardener's Notepad

Lustrous burgundy-purple-black leaves with neat little blush pink, bell shaped flowers followed by artistic seed heads which can be dried! And you can see several for yourself right here in our display gardens. The foliage/flower color works well with quite a few different plants, and has something to offer all year.