Color Guard Yucca | Ryeland Gardens
  • heat tolerant

Color Guard Yucca

Yucca filamentosa


18 - 24 in.


18 - 24 in.

Flower Color:


Foliage Color:

Green / Gold Variegated

Foliage Type:

Semi Evergreen Perennial

Bloom Time:




Moisture Level:

Drought Tolerant Moist, Well Drained


4 - 10

Native Range:

Eastern North America

The Gardener's Notepad

A dramatic, strikingly colored plant, for sure! And unbelievably dangerous at the same time! Leaves are tipped with a sharp spear that is capable of many things, although I prefer to think more on their more positive attributes than their ability to injure. There is nothing else quite like them, at least in hardy plants, and they can be used very effectively in a multitude of applications. Whether as a contrast plant or in a rock garden/xeriscape project, they will be sure to catch the eye. (Hopefully not literally!) They're very low maintenance, and only require periodic removal of spent leaves.