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Franken European Beech

Fagus sylvatica


10 - 12 ft.


5 - 6 ft.

Foliage Color:

Green / White Variegated

Foliage Type:



Partial Shade




4 - 7

The Gardener's Notepad

Extremely slow-growing, 'Franken' usually only puts on between 2 - 5 inches of growth per season. For a tree, it is small; only reaching approximately 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide in its later years. It's dense branching and rounded shape make it easy to fit in an open area in your garden. But be sure to situate it somewhere shady, with hints of sunlight intermittently peaking in, since it will scorch in the sun. Young plants exhibit green leaves with white flecking, but the older they get, the whiter the leaves become, sometimes turning almost all white with only small green specks. A true specimen for any savvy gardener!