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No garden is complete without at least one tree, whether large or small, and we do our best to keep a great selection of them in stock. Some with showy flowers, others with dramatically colored leaves, some native cultivars, and others from distant countries. We would be happy to walk you through the decision process of selecting the right option for your specific desires, and usually, if something is requested that we do not have it can be ordered and will be here in a very short time. There was a bit of hesitation over several entries in this category, as some plants that are truly "trees" actually stay quite tiny, but for the sake of order are included here. 

Red Sunset Maple | Ryeland Gardens

Red Sunset Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Height: 40 - 50 ft

Width: 35 - 40 ft.

Zones 4-7

Exposure: Sun

  • spectacular fall color
  • out of stock
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