Herein you will find a semi-complete listing of what you can expect to find when you visit the nursery. You can narrow your search by selecting a specific category, or by searching for a plant by name. While we have tried to make this as complete as possible, there are always a number of unusual things in very limited quantities that don't make the website, so in order to find out what we're hiding you'll have to come over and have a look! Each listing has basic cultural information, and most of them have a few additional notes about usage, notable points of interest, as well as other bits of hopefully helpful information.

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Bear's Breeches

Acanthus spinosus

Height: 2 - 3 ft.

Width: 24 - 30 in.

Flower Color: Violet

Zones 5-9

Exposure: Partial Sun

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Royal Candles Speedwell

Veronica spicata 'Glory'

Height: 12 - 18 in.

Width: 12 - 18 in.

Flower Color: Purplish Blue

Zones 4-8

Exposure: Partial Sun / Sun

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